Housing Wealth: The Missing Piece of the Affordability Equation

The real estate market is soaring today. Residential home values are rising, and that’s a big win for homeowners. In 2020, there was a double-digit increase in home values – a trend that’s expected to head toward similar levels this year. Long-term historical appreciation has proven to be around 3% per year. But, as an example, theContinue reading “Housing Wealth: The Missing Piece of the Affordability Equation”

Americans See Real Estate as a Better Investment Than Stocks or Gold

In a recent post on the Liberty Street Economics blog, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York noted that Americans believe buying a home is definitely or probably a better investment than buying stocks. And a May Gallup Poll reaffirmed those findings. In an article on the current real estate market, Gallup reports: “Gallup usually finds that Americans regard real estate as the best long-term investment amongContinue reading “Americans See Real Estate as a Better Investment Than Stocks or Gold”


(NOTE FROM YOUR@HOME TEAM: This week we invited one of our long-time preferred lenders to share her views on this extremely hot real estate market we are experiencing. Leslie Vanderwerf, with Cross Country Mortgage, is a loan officer with over 25 years of experience in lending and teaching buyers about the best options available forContinue reading “Patience!”

Honoring our Veterans

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, we want to thank those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy. In real estate, we do so by helping our vets get into great homes with great programs that are available ONLY to vets! The VA loan, or Veterans’ Affairs loan, has many advantages for the eligible veteran,Continue reading “Honoring our Veterans”

When Will All the Foreclosures Hit the Market?

We continue to have discussions with people about “when” (not if!) the real estate market is going to crash again. People are fearful of another foreclosure wave because there are approximately 2.3 million households currently in forbearance who eventually will no longer have the protection of a forbearance program. Some folks are assuming there couldContinue reading “When Will All the Foreclosures Hit the Market?”


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