3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

If you’re a homeowner, odds are your equity has grown significantly over the last few years as home prices skyrocketed and you made your monthly mortgage payments. Home equity builds over time and can help you achieve certain goals. According to the latest Equity Insights Report from CoreLogic, the average borrower with a home loan has almost $300,000 in equity right now. As youContinue reading “3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity”

Thanksgiving…400 years ago!

Thanksgiving celebrations or festivals following fall harvest have a history going back to ancient times across many cultures and parts of the world. This year, the United States celebrates the 400th anniversary of its historically recognized first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts where the Pilgrims settled in America. Prior to the Pilgrim Thanksgiving with theContinue reading “Thanksgiving…400 years ago!”

Interest Rates Update

As expected, the Fed raised the Federal Funds rate by 75 bps. So the rate that banks borrow overnight is now 3.75-4%. In the beginning of this year, it was 0-.25%. The mortgage market already had priced this increase into mortgage rates and was more interested in the comments made after the meeting. The initialContinue reading “Interest Rates Update”


While real estate is certainly an important part of our lives and yours, it is healthy to be reminded of how blessed we are while others around the world struggle to meet even their daily needs. The Your@Home Team has been working with Feed My Starving Children (“FMSC”) for about the last 15 months to help pack meals for thoseContinue reading “FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN”

Should You Still Buy a Home with the Latest News About Inflation?

While the Federal Reserve is working hard to bring down inflation, the latest data shows the inflation rate is still high, remaining around 8%. This news impacted the stock market and added fuel to the fire for conversations about a recession. You’re likely feeling the impact in your day-to-day life as you watch the cost of goods and services climb.Continue reading “Should You Still Buy a Home with the Latest News About Inflation?”

Have Kids in College?

How to buy an investment property with your children Rent near college campuses can be very high. Landlords are typically making a good return on their money. What if that landlord was you? In one transaction you could: If your child is going to college or graduate school, you can purchase a home near theirContinue reading Have Kids in College?

An Attitude of Gratitude

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. –Alice Walker We hear a lot about “gratitude” – often to the point of not recognizing it, seeing it or hearing it in our lives. Introspectively, it is easy to overlook whatContinue reading An Attitude of Gratitude


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