Top 5 Fall Activities in MN

There’s no denying it, Minnesota is one of the absolute best places to be in the fall. So let’s break it down, what are the best activities you can do this fall to enjoy every minute of it before winter! Here’s what we think, let us know what your favorite activities are!

1) Apple Orchard
Minnesota, home of the honeycrisp apple. How could you not enjoy this!? Not only do you get to pick your apples straight from it’s source, but you get to enjoy them in as many delicious ways as you’d like! Secondly, there’s not just apples at the apple orchards! Many have petting zoos, wagon rides, ciderys/winerys and more! Just search the internet for what fits you and your group best. Lastly, always a great photo opportunity ;).

2) Hiking Get outside for some exercise, taking a hike almost anywhere in MN during the fall will guarantee some beautiful views. The colors are so vibrant and seeing them from above is best. Here are some of our favorite trails:

MN Superior Hiking Trail
Fort Snelling State Park
Minnehaha Regional Park
Taylor’s Falls

3) Pumpkin Carving
Who doesn’t love to get into the Halloween spirit? The best part about pumpkin carving is you get three fun activities out of it! First, you have to pick out your perfect pumpkin, then make a design, and lastly, make pumpkin seeds! That is one of my favorite fall snacks. The second best part about pumpkin carving is you get to show it off to your neighbors and friends! Whether spooky or silly, it’s so much fun to see people’s creativity!

4) Brewery/Cidery Hopping
Unfortunately this activity isn’t for the family, 21+ only! However, it is one of our absolute favorites. While you can enjoy doing this year round, it is best in the fall because let’s face it – pumpkin spice beer/cider. Fall has the best seasonal flavors to enjoy. Another great part about this activity in the fall is the temperature! As long as you’re dressed properly, fall is still patio weather! Lastly, it’s an activity you and your four-legged friend can enjoy together.

5) Bonfire
Summer is too warm to sit by the fire – plus, there are mosquitoes! The fire is the perfect warmth for a cool fall night and you don’t have to worry about being layered in bug spray! Plus, who doesn’t love a perfectly roasted s’more.

Here’s our top 5 activities in the fall, what are yours!?

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