The Holiday of Love

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is an affirmation that you really like someone and enjoy spending time with them. For most people it isn’t about going big, but being personal, to help that person feel known and appreciated. This year, it might also mean we’ve been through it all together, even a global pandemic and there is no one else you’d rather go through it with. 

Struggling how to celebrate this year? Here are some ideas:

  1. Celebrate in his/her favorite way to unwind, whether it be to watch a sports game, fire up the grill, or spend the day at the spa – focus on what is important to them. 
  2. Enjoy a night out – whether it at a restaurant or a “restaurant-at-home”. Many restaurants are open again and many have special Valentine packages. If you prefer to stay in, many restaurants are offering “meal-kits” so you have everything you need to make a special meal at home. (Plus, you are supporting our struggling restaurant businesses!) There are restaurants such as Monello, that offer an 8-course seasonal meal kit starring poached lobster.
    It doesn’t have to be fancy, last year, Mickey & Barb along with a few of their friends made a reservation for White Castles version of romance, complete with plastic tablecloths, fake flowers, candles, and of course, sliders. This year, you need to make reservations for a parking spot and they will have a car hop come to you.

So, there is take out, dine out, eat in (maybe a fondue meal for something different) or a virtual cooking class for two. There are plenty of online cooking courses including ones specially designed for Valentines Day including “Aphrodisiac Valentine Day Class“, it is described as a “romantic, unique, adventurous and fun date night. Tapping into the connection between food and love keeping romance at the center and at the heart of each recipe”. 

Can you tell our love languages include food? Maybe yours doesn’t, so here are some non-food related ideas for you! There are wine and paint classes, both virtual and in-person, brew your own beer (our family is going to Vine Park brewery soon to make our own beer and wine), go on a hike, an escape room or a helicopter ride. If you like to travel, spend time planning and dreaming of your next vacation. Have a lazy day in, make breakfast together, write love letters to each other and play a game with questions designed for couples (Barb’s favorite is the Loving Game). Pick up some local beers or wines, make a charcuterie board and have your own flight tasting. Remember your love story, make a photo collage or record you story capturing some of your favorite moments. 

If you want to give a gift, think of what makes them tick and take it a step further. There are personalized books you can draw on why I love you, a racecar driving experience, monthly clubs of hot sauce, jerky, wine, or cheeses. But remember it is not only the gift but, the time you spend thinking of them and the new memories that come with it. 

Lastly, don’t forget the card, for many people, words of love and affirmation are the best gift of all.

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