Life Changing Moves

People often ask me what we like about real estate, the answer is the people we get to work with. Let us tell you a few of their stories.

Nadifo is from Samali, herself and her brothers were abandoned by her parents when she was two or three years old. They were on their own and went from friends and grandparents to eat and sleep, but had no permanent home. One day, soldiers came through the town, and her oldest brother threw a rock at one of the soldiers. When this happened, the soldier turned around and shot him. Her two other brothers in anger, raised up twigs at the soldier and were also shot. She watcher her brothers get killed. From that time on, she as on her own. This was at the age of three or four. When she was 12, she asked a traveling salesperson if she could accompany her. They walked to Kenya and then could not get back across the border to Somali. She lived in camps, worked, met her husband, and then was sponsored by a church to come to the United States. Her husband has divorced her and moved back to Somali. Despite her difficult life, she is so joyful and grateful to God for all he has done for her.

Tony and Gail met Nadifo teaching English. Several couples from our church, Hometown, have been helping her learn to write her name, find a job, fill out paperwork and try to find a place to live. The last one has been especially challenging. Nadifo is a hard worker, but has never had a permanent full-time job and has been living in peoples’ basements so has no job or rental history. The current home being out pastor Brent’s home. Through years of teaching her and being a part of Nadifo’s life, Tony and Gail embraced her as a part of their family. They decided God was calling on them to buy a place for her and rent it to her until she could afford it on her own. Her joy at having a place of her own is contagious. It is always amazing to be even a small bit player in a story that God is writing. In her birthday month, she will be celebrating it in her own place for the first time EVER.

Julie is a Grandma. Her home was in California and some of her grandchildren were here in Minnesota. Her elderly father lived in California as well, and she cared for him. After he died, it was her desire to be a bike ride away from her grandchildren, not a plane ride. Her daughter is a homeschooling mom and Julie was a teacher, what mom wouldn’t relish a helping hand? We looked for homes that were on the market but were constantly being out bid (tough market out there!). Julie wanted to be in close enough that she could safely drive to their home in her 80’s and 90’s. We had a very narrow geographical location that fit this description. We wrote a letter to all homeowners within a 6-block radius of her daughter and son-in-laws home telling them about her situation and what she was looking for. We had a response and now Julie’s new home is 9 doors down on the same street as her grandchildren.

There are plenty of other stories, but these ones happened recent and are so life-changing. Not only for the clients we have helped, but for us as well! We hope it brings joy to you as well!

***All clients gave permission to share their stories.

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