6 Benefits of Travel

Last week I ran away (or flew) to Florida with a couple girlfriends for some sun and relaxation. We only went away for a long weekend but came back so refreshed. I recently read a study that said that the happiest people are those that travel at least 3X’s a year. I concur and want to encourage you to travel more. Here’s why:

1) Unplug from your daily life. 

Our daily lives can be very stressful. In my life, finding a balance between being readily available for multiple clients, chauffeuring and raising a 15-year-old, dealing with rental properties, and trying to keep our home in some assemblance of order can seem unending. It’s easy to tell which one I don’t do so well at…Sometimes the pressure of the “to do” list seems overwhelming. Getting away helps me take a deep breath and gain a new perspective of what is truly important. 

2) Strengthens relationships. 

Traveling with family or friends is a very intimate thing. You learn things about each other you wouldn’t have known otherwise, and you create memories that are unique to your travel companions. 

3) Makes us appreciate what we have. 

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back.”

Being gone helps me to appreciate my family even more, missing them is powerful and helps me recognize the sacrifices they have made to allow me to travel. 

4) Finding out that the world goes on without me. 

When I was gone Mick and Missy handled all my business. My clients were as well taken care of as if I had been there. Getting away helps us trust that others can do what we do even if they do it differently. 

5) Try new things. 

This is one of my favorite parts of traveling. On every trip I try to do things that will stretch me and push me out of my comfort zone. My travel mates: Jamie and Tricia are much braver that I am. We talked about zip-lining and parasailing, both which sounded terrifying to me but I was determined I would try. Seeing the look of terror on my face, they decided on something we believed would be calmer. We decided to go jet skiing.

The place near us was fully booked so we expanded our search and went to Madera Beach. We were all picturing nice calm waters and a fun day in the sun. As we are listening to the employee go over instructions on how to operate it, how to flip it back over, and safety rules, we heard for the first time we were not jet skiing near the beach but in the GULF OF MEXICO. Waters for the first block were calm, we went by some dolphins and then we entered the Gulf. The ocean swells were 3 feet and sometimes a swell would break, and the water would go over your head. Jet skis surrounded us, who were gunning it and looking like they were “popping a wheelie.” My sole focus was on not running into anyone else, staying upright and alive. After awhile I noticed I could not see my companions any longer. Too afraid to turn around I decided to head back. The salt water had dried on my glasses making it almost impossible to see. So much so that I missed the bridge that I was supposed to turn at. Jamie and Tricia made it back to our starting point, but I was lost at sea. 

Worried, they sent out a hunky rescue squad on another jet ski and he returned without me. While I was gone, a water ambulance went by further panicking my friends. Poor guy, they were pushing him back out when I found my way back. I couldn’t see well enough to see the dock but heard voices of my dear friends and followed their voices to safety. Forty minutes late, but back safely. As the worker helped me off the jet ski, he remarked that I am well loved and what wonderful friends I have, and he couldn’t be more right. 

6) New stories to tell.

As if the last couple paragraphs didn’t give that one away. So long after the sunburn has peeled the stories and memories can be enjoyed. 


Just to encourage more of you to travel more often here are a couple of my travel tips to make it more affordable to travel more often. 

· Spirit flights are always cheaper at the airport than online. You often have to wait because they help all traveling customers first. The savings vary significantly, my personal best is getting a flight advertised online for $164.00 for $35.00 on the same exact flight. If you’re using miles, that can only be done only online or over the phone. 

· Alaska Airlines has a credit card, that if you apply and receive their credit card it comes with 30,000 miles and a yearly companion pass. We got 3 people ( who each applied for a card to Alaska round trip for around 50.00. The companion pass that you receive each year allows you to buy one ticket and then receive another round-trip ticket on the same flight for 121.00. If you want to apply for this card, I would love to refer you. The referring party gets 5,000 miles and since one of my sons is an Alaskan fisherman, we can always put that to good us. 

So, no excuses – go make memories!

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