Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. Too often we take all you do for granted. This is our time to reflect on all the ways the Dads in our lives have made an impact. After all, our kids would only be half as awesome, cool and strong without you. 🙂 Truth be known…so would the rest of us.

I knew I had married well and that Mick was a great husband, but seeing him transform into a Daddy. Wow. I have seen that same transformation greatness happen in the lives of many men. So, to all you Dads… THANK YOU

1) Thank you for working those long hours – not just 8.5 but many additional hours. Your presence was missed but we are grateful for all the ways you provided for us. We appreciate all the sacrifices and the lack of sleep, to do all that you do. One of Mick’s lines that the kids won’t let him forget is “there will be time enough to sleep when I’m dead”.

2) Thanks for determining that balance between being protective and teaching them to take risks. (Although the T-shirts about having a beautiful daughter and a gun may have been over the top.) You were the ones who threw them up in the air, removed the training wheels and let them go, taught them how to slide or play “dangerous” games like football where they are bound to get hurt. (I was banned from the game by my son for screaming drop the ball they are big and after you – it’s not worth it.) If it wasn’t for you Dads, our children may be walking around in bubble wrap.

3) Thanks for keeping us together- you’re the duct tape of our lives. You are the fixers of all things broken. Without you, we would not have functional vehicles, TVs or be out the door on time, (OK that one still remains a problem.) But you are out shoveling and rearranging cars so early to make sure that we all could get to our functions on time.

4) Thank you being such a great role model. 

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Our kids are blessed to be trained by you. 

Dads we notice that you are such hard workers, but, yet when a one of the kids or a friend calls you have time. Regardless of how busy you are, we know we can count on you. 

5) Thanks for making what is important to the kids, important to you. 

Dads, thank you for all the hours of volunteering to coach sports (19 years of baseball coaching for Mick) helping in the schools, attending concerts, games and involving yourself in our lives. My husband doesn’t swim, but he ran the swim meets and he was the one the kids went to for critiquing their swims. 

6. Thanks for always being our person. You are our first telephone call when we are stranded on the side of the road, or when we need advice. 

So, Dads this week we thank you for all the things that you do, things that seem to go unnoticed because we didn’t thank you. But we do notice and are grateful for your presence in our lives. Happy Father’s Day.

P.S. Think it’s time for a new family photo? 🤣

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