Want to be Happier? Surround Yourself with Pictures!

Today it is easier than ever to take lots of photos and has become the biggest way of documenting our lives. The ease with which we can take pictures and upload it to our computer, Facebook, Instagram, or some other application makes us rely heavily on those applications to preserve our precious photos. 

Maybe we shouldn’t rely on our “trusty” computers/phones. Why not print some of those memories out and surround yourself with cherished memories. Computers, and phones crash and burn all the time and with it we lose those pictures. If this hasn’t got you convinced, here are some other reasons to print some of the photos: 

· Happiest families seem to have pictures displayed throughout the home. Pictures can manifest emotions that words can’t. 

· Displaying pictures of a funny story, or vacation – gives our families a common story base. As special people come into the lives of our children, they become privy to that common story base and it pulls them in even more to the intimacy and bond of what makes us a family. When my kids decide they want to share their scrapbooks with someone, they are saying I want you to really know ME: my past, present, and maybe future. 

· Pictures connect us to our own family history. Both of my parents died young; none of my children ever met my father but have seen pictures and heard stories so they have some connection with him. They were very close to both of their grandmothers and photos’ help to cement those memories. Some of the pictures the kids were young enough that they can’t sort out if that is a true memory or a memory created by seeing a picture and being told the story behind it. Either way, it becomes a part of their history. Connection to those who came before you, helped shape you and the person you are, and creates a sense of self identity and confidence. 

· Photos shift our thought towards positive experiences. Research has repeatedly shown that it is easier to recall negative experiences than good ones. Having pictures around helps us focus on memories that bring us joy. 

· Photos help strengthen relationships. How many times has an old photo appeared on Facebook showing a fun time that you had, which you quickly forwarded on to the others in the photos, to share your common experiences? 

· Photos can jog our memories. I helped a friend scrapbook a calendar for her father who had dementia. The calendar had pictures of him and his family at all ages. She had noted who the people were and events going on, so, that nursing home staff could use those pictures to further jog his memories. Photos are an easy way to record little moments that are meaningful, but too easily forgotten. 

· Photos can help you get organized. You can narrow down that stash of children’s art projects that you couldn’t bare to throw away. I have taken pictures of some of the kids artwork, scrapbooked the picture, and then I feel free to throw away the original finger painting or whatever other artwork it was that I was hanging on to.

· It is a means to capture beauty. People who have made a conscious decision to find something of beauty everyday, whether it be the smile of a child or something in nature develop the habit of looking for beauty wherever they are. 

· Capturing a moment in time isn’t just about securing a memory – it can help you appreciate your life more every day.

Because your happiness is important to us – we have a client appreciation event coming up, this Saturday, October 2nd at St Bonaventure Church grounds from 11-4:00 where we have hired two photographers to help you capture some of those memories now. You will receive a free 8×10 and have an opportunity to purchase the rest of the package for $50.00 if you choose. So, come hang out with us, play some yard games and continue building on that habit of surrounding yourself with photographs of things that are meaningful to you. You can sign up HERE or walk-in and we’ll find a time available for you, you just might have to wait a bit for this option!

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