Curbio – Renovate Today – Pay Upon Sale

Have you ever thought about selling your home, but, then got overwhelmed with the idea of getting your home ready to sell. RE/MAX has partnered with Curbio, a company that does presale renovations and doesn’t require payment until the home closes.

Most buyers prefer to buy a move in ready home over one that needs work. Curbio, does the work to make it appeal to those buyers. There are numerous testimonials of homes selling for tens of thousands more than if they listed it as-is and for more money.

Just like any other renovation project, it starts with an estimate. The agent and seller would fill out a form detailing what they would like to have done. Usually within 48 hours an assigned project manager will review the project and come back with an estimate. Curbio has licensed and insured contractors in the Minneapolis market as well as vetted subcontractors.

Curbio knows the goal is to make as much money as possible in the sale of the home. So, they will share their knowledge and proprietary technology to help determine what improvement will increase the profit margin in your area. They refer to it as “helping home sellers flip their own home”

The scope of the work depends on the needs of the house. Their group of contractors can do just about any project: painting walls, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom remodels, roofs, mold remediation and more. They do have a $15,000 minimum project size. They get paid at the closing so there is no upfront costs. Curbio states they have a national database of what it costs to do similar project and adjusts that for what it costs to do that job locally. You could certainly get a bid from Curbio and obtain bids from local contractors to compare pricing.

According to Curbio (we have not done enough transactions with them to verify this from our own experience) the following are benefits of working with them.

  • All their general contractors work only for Curbio, so they can get started within days, not months. They also have plumbers, electricians, etc. that are a part of the Curbio team so there are no delays waiting on another professional.
  • Their rates are comparable to other professionals in the area, The CEO of Curbio stated in a post from February 2020 that an average complete gut/redo of a 7×5 bathroom costed 12,500 and a complete kitchen for 24K (that sounds really reasonable to us).
  • They have a couple popular options of in-stock cabinets, flooring and appliances (you can choose your own if you wish) but in-stock means you won’t have delivery delays.
  • Best of all, you don’t pay anything until closing. It sounds like a great way to get your home ready for market and ensure top dollar and selling your home quickly.

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