Eagan Fun Facts

  • Eagan has been listed 5x’s in the top 20 Best Places to live in America by Money Magazine. This magazine ranks cities based on 50 factors which include jobs, the city’s economy, the housing market parks, schools and health care. 
  • Eagan outlet mall employees almost as many employees as there are residents of Eagan. As of 2020 census Eagan was home to 68,855 residents and the outlet mall employees 67,000 people. There are other large company headquarters as well, West publishing, Delta Airlines, Blue Cross / Blue Shield and the Midwest coca cola bottling facility. 
  • Eagan was founded in 1860 and was known as the “Onion Capital of America” 
  • The police department has a drone unit. Some of the drones are equipped with thermal cameras and can be very helpful in locating people in the 1300 acres of parkland. They have also been used to scope out a crime scene to give police more information on what they are walking in to. 
  • The city has been recognized for their work to conserve resources and reduce waste. Minnesota has a conservation program where cities can set and achieve goals of sustainability. Out of 122 cities participating only 11 cities, of which Eagan is one have made it to the 5 level of sustainability. Eagan has increased the use of LED lighting in city facilities and streetlights, have increased fuel efficiency of city vehicles and decreased water consumption. 
  • Eagan has lots to enjoy outdoors with over 1,300 acres of parks, 1,200 bodies of water, a large water park and the Minnesota Zoo. It is only 5 minutes to the airport and Mall of America. It has lots of restaurants, theaters and nice community center. It is no wonder that Eagan has so frequently made Money Magazine list of best places to live in America. 

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