Christmas Fun Facts

Christmas is the best time of year! (IMO) The streets are filled with Christmas lights, and families are getting together every where. This year, we thought it’d be fun to provide you some Christmas themed fun facts to share at the dinner table this year with whoever Christmas brings to your table!

  1. The Tallest Christmas Tree
    Did you know the tallest Christmas Tree ever displayed was in Seattle, Washington and was a total of 221 feet tall! Anyone looking to beat that? May need a custom home to fit that baby…🤔
  2. Christmas in Space?
    Jingle Bells was the very first song played in Space, EVER!
  3. Busier Than Black Friday!?
    The busiest shopping days of the year occur the Friday and Saturday before Christmas, NOT Black Friday. This is my family! Procrastination at it’s finest, although you may find the oldest brothers shopping on Christmas Eve…
  4. Naughty or Nice?
    If you’ve been “naughty” you get coal for Christmas. Did you know in Austria if you’ve been naughty, you get Krampus?! This scary half man, half goat creature punishes the naughty children by chasing them around even dragging them to hell! Some adults still dress up as Krampus every year just to scare children into behaving.
  5. Tinsel Anyone?
    Anyone love decorating with tinsel? This tradition started in the 1600s, however, it was only used by the elite! Did you know tinsel was made of REAL silver back then?
  6. Christmas in the ER?
    I hope you’re careful when you’re Christmas decorating! Did you know this innocent activity sends around 15,000 people to the ER each year?
  7. Highest Grossing Christmas Film?
    A little ironic that the highest grossing Christmas film is about a creature that hates Christmas! Yes, that’s right. It’s “The Grinch”.
  8. Christmas Gold
    Christmas lights used to be so expensive people would rent them instead of buy them each year! A lit tree was a symbol of wealth in the early 1900s.
  9. Traditional Meals
    Ham is the meal that is most often shared over Christmas in America. Did you know in Japan, it is a tradition to have KFC for Christmas? Fried chicken anyone?!
  10. Can YOU Find the Pickle?
    Anyone else hide the famous pickle ornament in their tree? If you’re not familiar with this tradition, the parents hide a pickle within the Christmas Tree and the first child to find it gets to open the first present! This was created to help children not rush through their gift opening.

Hopefully you enjoyed these fun facts and as always, stay safe in the storm and have a blessed Christmas!

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