Fun, Facts & Finance – Top Ten 2022 Blogs!

Real estate is always changing in some fashion with low interest rates (then high interest rates!), too much inventory (then almost NO inventory) or high prices (and then higher prices!). Since starting our blog, we’ve tried to cover many of your current questions and concerns that we hear in our daily conversations with so many of you. Not only that, we try to bring in lighter topics of conversation, too! With that, here are the Top Ten 2022 Blogs that our readers visited this past year!

10) “3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity” – December 1

There are many creative and useful ways to tap into your home’s equity. Check out these popular ideas!


9) “Can You Buy a Home Without a Job?” – February 16

This guest blog from one of our favorite loan officers (Leslie Vanderwerf, Cross Country Mortgage) details what you need for income in many different circumstances!


8)  “Wisdom from Dave Ramsey” – December 7

Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial guru and real estate agent with strong opinions on purchasing a home and the 2023 real estate market. Barb compiled a number of his real estate related pearls of wisdom from his blogs and vlogs for you. 


7)  “July 4 – 13 Independence Day Facts You Don’t Know!” – June 29 

Much of the history around July 4 remains unknown the further removed we get from the actual event. Find out some fascinating historical facts around Independence Day!


6)  “What You Can Expect From the Spring House Market” – March 30

Not surprisingly, every spring market typically brings lots of questions about what to expect. This overview of the “experts” predictions focused on three projections. Were they correct?!


5)  “Should I Wait Until I Have 20% Down?” – March 16

This is a long-standing debate that is influenced heavily by peoples’ perceptions of hearsay evidence, personal experience and educated research. The right answer? Check it out and don’t be shocked by the interest rate at the time of the blog!


4)  “Preparing Your Home for Sale” – January 26

While it might seem simple, we’ve never met a seller these points don’t apply to! Including (and maybe especially?!)US!



3)  “So… MINNESOTA! State Fair Facts You Never Knew!” – August 24

This annual event has well over a century of history with loads of fascinating facts! And before you read it, when was the Pronto Pup introduced? Go ahead, guess and then check it out!



2)  “Christmas Fun Facts” – December 21 

Some around-the-world Christmas trivia, where’s the pickle (?!) and what IS Mickey holding?? (He wasn’t crazy about using this picture!). Merry Christmas!


1) “Hands & Feet of God” – February 22

This top-read blog for 2022 details how the little unnoticed good things we do in our lives can lead to unimaginable positive results that we may never know. This true story resulted in one of Barb’s clients finding a desperately needed home!

We hope you enjoy re-visiting (or checking out for the first time!) our most popular blogs for 2022. We have enjoyed bringing them to you and look forward to bringing you the 2023 blogs starting next week! Happy New Year!

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